Entry #29 – THIRD PRIZE WINNER! (4/4)

October 23rd, 2011




Everything was beautiful–my gown was elegant; the flowers were stunning; the photographer was great. My chosson and I were very intense about our tfillos and worked up a big appetite fasting all day. So, when we broke our fasts before pictures and dancing, i was sure to drink a whole bottle of power-aid to gear up for the fun dancing to come…It was a good thing my mother warned me to put napkins down before we ate becuase i spilled the bright blue drink all over my lap and was so happy to have avoided a blue dress before taking all my pictures with my husband…Little did we realize that power-aid stains more than just clothing. When we looked at the video/wedding pictures a few months later, we realized that my teeth, mouth, lips, etc. were all blue like a school kid after morning ! recess snack time!!


Submitted by: Wedding “Blues”

Entry #28

October 4th, 2011
  This wedding was memorable even before it began! A few days previous, the kallah injured her thumb. She was a good sport, making sure to get a white cast, and altering her dress to have longer sleeves. On her wedding day she looked beautiful, and held her bouquet in her injured hand, so the guests could barely tell. But the story doesn’t end there. During the chuppah an earsplitting shriek pierced the solemn silence of the ceremony. The fire alarm was going off! Amid the melodious harmonies of ‘mi bon siach’ the alarm blared over and over and over again. Slight panic ensued as the guests looked around for the source of the blaze. The rabbis spoke loudly into the microphone as the ring was given, kesuba read, and brachos were made. Suddenly, the guests heard fire engines roaring down the street…and we all just starting laughing out loud, including the baalei simcha. With no danger apparent, the chuppah concluded, (fire alarm still blaring) and I went to wish my cousin, the mother of the groom, a hearty mazel tov. As I passed the front rows, I heard one woman remark to another, “I’m so glad that wasn’t my kid!” Apparently, there had never been any danger at all…just one very curious little flower girl who wondered what that switch on the wall was….

Submitted by: CB

Entry #27 – THIRD PRIZE WINNER! (3/4)

September 16th, 2011



There were six of us – three men and three women, and we drove almost two hours to get to the wedding on time, not knowing how long we’d stay. But we had the wrong time and we got to the wedding just as they were starting to take pictures…and we were starving !!! There was no food ready yet for the guests and although we spied the dessert table, the maitre d’ shooed us away from it. We were very far from home and were puzzled about what to do. So we took out our smart phones and googled the closest place to eat… Pizza ! So off we went, in our wedding attire, to the little pizza shop. We were a sight to behold. About two hours later, we returned to the wedding just as the first guests were beginning to arrive. No one at the wedding believed us!

Submitted by: Tizzy

Entry #26

September 15th, 2011

My cousin and I were flower girls at my aunt’s wedding over 50 years ago… and neither of us will ever forget that trip down the aisle! When we weren’t crying or fidgeting we were absolutely adorable in our frilly custom dresses made by our very talented and doting aunt, a professional seamstress. But we very young, very excited and very newly trained, and well… ‘accidents’ happen! Wet a (I mean ‘what a’) memorable moment that turned out to be!


Submitted by: Will Neverforget


September 13th, 2011



The day before my daughter got married my husband was rushed to the hospital. Early the next morning he still was quite ill, but felt better three hours later. He checked himself out and made it in time. I needed my makeup done again because I broke down crying when I heard he was going to come.

Submitted by: Ema

Entry #24

September 13th, 2011

During the chuppah at a wedding I attended, while the kesuvah was being read, they suddenly realized that it was written for before nightfall but the ceremony had begun after nightfall and so the date was wrong. They took out a pen to change the date and the Rabbi began to read the kesuvah once again. He went a little further and stopped again… The wrong month had been written! With this, all the Rabbis left the Chuppah to find a blank preprinted kesuvah so they could rewrite it and continue the ceremony, leaving the bride and groom by themselves, standing and looking at each other and not quite knowing what to do!


Submittted by: Allbetsareoff

Entry #23 – THIRD PRIZE WINNER! (2/4)

September 11th, 2011




Many years ago, at my own wedding, the ‘badeken’ was about to happen, but no one realized that the photographer wasn’t around to capture the moment.   Just as the Chosson and crew were about to march their way back out, the photographer showed up!  Instead of dancing away, the men made an ‘about-face’ and restaged the entire badeken to make sure we had that momentous and meaningful part of the evening captured for our wedding album. (No wonder everyone’s laughing in the picture!)

Submitted by: Deedee

Entry #22

September 11th, 2011

 My sister, the bride,  wanted to invite my 2 best friends to her wedding but she we was over our numbers so she invited them to the chuppah only.  They planned on leaving after the first dance.  But at the beginning of the first dance, my sister’s friend’s water broke (she was in her ninth month) and therefore I told my two friends to stay for the dinner, since there were now 2 unoccupied seats –  one wet and one dry!!!! (The caterer gave us quite a hard time about the wet seat!!!)


Submitted by: Petunia

Entry #21

September 11th, 2011

At my own wedding, I was caught up in the music and the happiness of the event and the rest is a blur, sharpened only by watching the wedding movies. The memorable moments aren’t the ones in the movies, yet one was when someone called me by my married name for the first time, I missed the cue and when brought to my attention, it was so wonderfuly strange and exciting!


Submitted by: Anonymous (21)

Entry #20

September 11th, 2011

What is more memorable than your own wedding?

When you ask that question, truly, nothing else comes to mind, except the lights of the chandliers as they twinkled above the wedding hall. The picture in my mind is of a huge ballroom, filled with festively dressed guests, a low buz of people talking at once, with a constant flow of people crossing over to talk to each other, like in a ballet.
I remember spending a couple of hours of preparation in the “bridal room”, where we put the finishing touches on my hair and makeup, and where I donned my gown. Thinking back (38 years), I must have enjoyed that time with my family and bridesmaids around me and I was totally enthralled with what was going on as a preparatory period leading up to the wedding. I don’t think that the wedding was on my mind, I was very into the trappings.
I was told to come down to the ballroom and now I have just a hint of a memory that I peered out onto the ballroom as I descended the steps and it suddently occured to me that it was my wedding and all these people were here to see ME. I was in total shock at this realization and reacted by taking myself out of the picture, saying to myself, so this is the wedding, hmmm……


Submitted by: Anonymous (20)