Entry #28

  This wedding was memorable even before it began! A few days previous, the kallah injured her thumb. She was a good sport, making sure to get a white cast, and altering her dress to have longer sleeves. On her wedding day she looked beautiful, and held her bouquet in her injured hand, so the guests could barely tell. But the story doesn’t end there. During the chuppah an earsplitting shriek pierced the solemn silence of the ceremony. The fire alarm was going off! Amid the melodious harmonies of ‘mi bon siach’ the alarm blared over and over and over again. Slight panic ensued as the guests looked around for the source of the blaze. The rabbis spoke loudly into the microphone as the ring was given, kesuba read, and brachos were made. Suddenly, the guests heard fire engines roaring down the street…and we all just starting laughing out loud, including the baalei simcha. With no danger apparent, the chuppah concluded, (fire alarm still blaring) and I went to wish my cousin, the mother of the groom, a hearty mazel tov. As I passed the front rows, I heard one woman remark to another, “I’m so glad that wasn’t my kid!” Apparently, there had never been any danger at all…just one very curious little flower girl who wondered what that switch on the wall was….

Submitted by: CB