So, you’re making a wedding. Mazel Tov!

Here are some great tips we’ve collected after making many terrific weddings. Share them with your friends and relatives and don’t forget to tell them that you got them from!. It automatically refreshes

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It’s time to go into the ballroom to sit on your throne before badekin! This is one of the most exciting moments of the wedding for the bride and her mothers – their grand entrance! The photographer is snapping away and then he asks you to sit down. Now what? Well, you’re used to sitting in 2 piece outfits or suits where you smooth down the back of your skirt before you bend. This is entirely different. If you did that, you would find that the top of the gown is pulling you down. You need to gently lift the skirt of your gown a few inches at about mid thigh until it’s comfortable when you sit down. If you find that wasn’t enough, stand up again and pull it up a bit higher, but not too high. Then ask someone to try to make sure that your crinoline is not showing (too much).

Your Throne Awaits

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